Twitter usage for the C-level executives’

You will find a lot of advice as to how to use Twitter for marketing and customer service executive make use of twitter. But these pieces of advice are not applicable for the C-level executives’ Twitter as these might be a distraction from their key role. However, in 2013, the reports of The Digital Policy Council showed that out of every four three country heads were inclined towards showing their twitter presence.  They were of course not sharing what they had for lunch, or sharing and tweeting on their follower which does not make sense for them.  Instead, they are utilizing the network for quite important reasons like sharing the strategic ideas and policies with fellow connections. A C-level executive uses his/her twitter account for the following practical reasons.

A personal representative – While setting up a twitter account, the profile created represents a person on the personal side. Most of the executives conned their profile with that of the organization, and thus remain connected to the significant persons of the organizations. This profile of their acts as a platform to share their ideas and messages in due course.

Invitations for following – As I have side C-level executives are very strategic about their presence on Twitter, they announce their presence on twitter quite strategically, sending invitation to people by the following methods-

  • By sending e-mail newsletter to the subscribers
  • By inviting the fellow employees, media channels, and the investors

They do not make it look like a very big deal instead they keep it a very subtle affair. The idea is not to gain publicity, by to simply announce the Twitter presence so to gain right followers.

Selective in twitting – The C-level executives ‘are very selective about whom and which tweets to follow. They do not follow people randomly as it would clutter their accounts; instead, they follow people who are important to them. The C-level executives’ tend to follow industry experts, bloggers media profiles, business rivals who share important and valuable information on industry and market scenario.

A platform for sharing ideas – The motto behind every social account is sharing be it lifestyle or ideas. The C-level executives’ choose to share ideas, rather than what they had for lunch. They retweet relevant opinions in their circle if they are worthy enough for discussion. Apart from this, they do share articles, infographics, and press releases to share their ideas and business strategies with the followers.

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