How CFOs Use Social Media

According to the recent reports, the role of a CFO or financial officers is no longer restricted to maintaining company’s books. They are embracing social media to get their scoop on finance, or connect with friends join discussion platforms and lot more. Have you ever thought what might be the reasons that prompted these CFO’s to join the league of social media? Some of the probable reasons might be

  • Develop strategic leadership qualities.
  • Getting in touch with the social side of the investors
  • Better communication and relationships with colleagues and fellow staffs.
  • Getting a glimpse of the latest social media technologies and their effect on the market.

Below are some apparent ways through which a CFO utilizes social media

Portraying their human side – There has been a perception since ages that finance officers are all work and no play guys. Of course, they do use words like VP, CPA, Accounts, Finance, but they do have a social aspect, where they do use words like Family, friends, adventure. Most of the CFO’s these days are using the platform of social media to show their human side to the world to establish connections both personally and professionally.

Exploring varieties of social platforms – It might be quite surprised to hear, but CFO’ these days are not only on LinkedIn; you can find many of them sharing videos on YouTube, posting updates on Facebook and Instagram and joining in conversations on Twitter. They share ideas related to finance and get a glimpse of the market structure to gain knowledge about the social side of the investors. With a good follower list on any of the social media, a finance executive can influence the targeted consumer as well.

To become strategic leaders – Embracing the social media world the finance executives are playing a strategic role in circulating the present scenario of the market. Their act of reading and sharing financial news, scenarios and leadership strategies and technical invention will in every way enhance their skill of becoming strategic leaders and hence in designing better financial structure of the company.

Stronger professional relationships – There is an old saying the biggest deals are made over a dinner. Hence most of the financial officers are now working on their social image that would result in long-lasting partnerships. If you search the social media with hashtags used by the CFO or C suite employees, you will get to know what keeps them up at night. They are in favor of bringing transparency about themselves.

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